Saturday, November 22, 2014

Photo Batrep: 2000 points Black Templar vs Dark Angels

Black Templar Techmarine and Predators deploy behind a ruined Dark Angle chapel.
BT Fire Support on the hill.
BT Crusader prepares to move forward toward the Dark Angels line.

Dark Angels gun line move to firing positions in the jungle.
Tactical Squad Navarre deploys into jungle ruins.

No mans land - meeting engagement begins.
DA Predator moves forward through the jungle.

Deathwing Assault...

BT Death from Above streaks towards the DA gun line carrying a massive payload.

BT Crusader bites the dust, but a little too late for the DA tactical squad.
Belial and Command clear the rocky hill.
Belial - Deathwing Commander.
The inevitable assault begins.

More Death from Above...

Infantry square off in the jungle ruins.

The BT Commander - In the end, it was a draw 2 - 2.