Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Warboss Wednesday

I find myself with a little time on my hands these days, so I decided to go through my WAAAGH and see what needs to be fixed, painted, based or anything else the other night.
These are the updated, repainted and re-based warbosses. The Black Orc Warboss on the Wyvern (his name is Melvin - the Wyvern, NOT the warboss...) was already painted to a tabletop standard, but was in four large pieces when he arrived. Melvins' horns were both broken off as well. There is some touch up on the underside of one of the wings to do, but the main body is now pinned where it was broken in half in two places, the wings are pinned and so are the horns. A new coat of paint and a re-base for balance purposes, and he looks pretty good.

Without further ado, I present the major warbosses of my WAAGH!

A shot of the display area with the bulk of the WAAGH. I still have the artillery, another 60 goblin regiment, and 2 20 orc regiment blocks that don't fit here. 

This is BrainSmasha and his faithful battle-buddy Melvin. The Squig at the back of the base was added so that the mini wouldn't fall on it's face - too much weight was forward on the original base, so that's what I came up with to keep it standing.

The underside of this wing has collateral paint damage, but I think other than some fine detail work and the errant paint, this one is done.

A good look at the squig side of the base.

The arrows indicate the parts that had to be pinned and glued back together. I thought about using some green stuff to hide it, but didn't want to expend the time and effort. Melvin looks just fine as is.

I need to find a Razor standard of some kind to add to this warboss, but he's ready to head up the 10 x Warboar regiment. He wasn't painted except for the face and the wolf cape.

This warboss just needed some touch ups. This guy heads up the 24 x Black Orc regiment.

And finally Wyzywig - Night Goblin Great Shaman and army general:

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Photo Batrep: 2000 points Black Templar vs Dark Angels

Black Templar Techmarine and Predators deploy behind a ruined Dark Angle chapel.
BT Fire Support on the hill.
BT Crusader prepares to move forward toward the Dark Angels line.

Dark Angels gun line move to firing positions in the jungle.
Tactical Squad Navarre deploys into jungle ruins.

No mans land - meeting engagement begins.
DA Predator moves forward through the jungle.

Deathwing Assault...

BT Death from Above streaks towards the DA gun line carrying a massive payload.

BT Crusader bites the dust, but a little too late for the DA tactical squad.
Belial and Command clear the rocky hill.
Belial - Deathwing Commander.
The inevitable assault begins.

More Death from Above...

Infantry square off in the jungle ruins.

The BT Commander - In the end, it was a draw 2 - 2.